Thursday, December 8, 2016

PrimFilm 1800u slide and film scanner

Since Windows 8 my PrimFilm 1800u slide and film scanner will not work. Apparently the PrimFilm driver is not certified by Microsoft and neither PrimFilm nor Microsoft care. I did finally find a workaround fortunately.

 I followed the instructions on the youtube video named "How to install unsigned drivers on Windows 10 - By TotallydubbedHD". ( I used the old driver "SF_Eng_1.3".
I followed my handwritten instructions below which are real rough -

Windows key + I
Get charms bar.
left click on power
   shift - reset
Get Troublelshoot screen
   startup settings
  Press 7
Go to device Manager
       find scanner
      double click
       right click
        find driver
       Get red message not digitally assigned

After this Windows 10 worked fine with the scanner. It has been a long time.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Screen cable replaced on laptop computer

Linda’s older Toshiba laptop had an intermittent dark screen which got worse as time wore on. By raising or lowering the screen the screen will light up at times. The internet had examples of this happening and indicated the screen cable was bad. So finally getting to Toshiba by phone they provided the part number for the new cable. And then after less than $15 through Ebay the new cable arrived.  

I do not like to take a laptop apart unless we believe the laptop to be dispensable. I did find a good video on how to take this one apart.
(Laptop model L355D; cable V000140130   Toshiba phone 1-800-331-4829)

I was able to dissemble this unit. One screw failed to remove and broke the metal insert from the plastic upon loosening the screw. But the remaining 20 screws removed properly. So I was able to remove the keyboard and then the whole top showing the motherboard. Then take apart the screen assembly. I did break out two screws near the hinge which I think was my fault of not removing them early enough. But I did get the new cable installed and all back together and it looks like it works perfect and opens and closes normally.

Maybe a few more years of operation?