Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gizzard the alligator lizard

Gizzard the alligator lizard has been frequenting the warm sidewalk by our porch recently on sunny afternoons. He must have known Fall was arriving today. I always detour off the sidewalk onto the grass so as not to disturb his sun bathing. Due to today’s sunny afternoon, I was cutting our grass and I met two of Gizzards offspring. They are less 3 inches long, slender and fast. Linda crossed the path of one of the little guys as she walked to the porch today. She is not as impressed as I am, it seems.

Osprey sighting

Today I observed an Osprey leaving our little pear tree. He/she knocked 6 little pears to the ground and may have been eating one as it was half gone. Per the encyclopedia 99% of an Osprey’s diet is fish and they migrate south in the fall.
Picture is not mine!

Coffee Pot

Coffee pot malfunction. We don’t drink coffee but keep water warm for tea and the occasional cocoa. Pot does not get warm. Found both thermal cutoff fuses open. They are designed to protect domestic electrical appliances and industrial electrical equipment from fire. This means that the normal temperature regulator switch must have hung up. Looked over the temperature regulator but could not read a part number. I did see a some melted plastic on the bottom of the pot. Could fix but will get a new pot for the same price I would think. We bought this pot for just under $10, six years ago.