Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Replacing Hot Tub

We installed a used hot tub in 2003 and used it until 2009. The tub had previously been repainted on the inside and lacked cosmetic beauty. I found a nice looking free tub and while installing, I found it leak under the seats, an area hard to get to for repairs. By this time I had damaged the original tub while borrowing a jet for the pretty tub. I took both tubs to the dump and began looking for a replacement. Recently I did find another nice looking tub with a good cover.
After plumbing and filling with water this one leaks at the air inlet port which again is under the bench seat and the only way to get to the fitting is by cutting a hole under the seat.

Close up. Notice the drip. Looks like the leak is in the seam of the PCV pipe and fitting.

Further I have no idea what this through port looks like. Maybe I can fix this leak externally since there is little water pressure at this point.

Well, a couple weeks have gone by and I have been thinking. I tried several ways to stop the one leak and may have slowed the leak down some. The other leak seems to be slowing down a bunch also.

Then the filter case lid started leaking significantly especially with an increase in water pressure with the circulation pump running. I found the case lid to have a crack likely due to age and fittings too tight. So I removed the filter and now the leaks are sort of under control. They are just an occasional drip and maybe will not cause a problem. So I turned on the heat and we have been enjoying the hot tub for 3 nights. I have not added chemicals yet as I plan to use this water for 2 weeks at most then I plan to drain and fill with fresh water and at that time will add the chemicals. Looks like we are having success.