Saturday, May 23, 2015

Warrantee Toilet Repair

In 1996 we updated the first floor bathroom which included a new toilet. Unfortunately the toilet flushed very poorly causing way too much plunger type work. This issue was caused by the governments water saving requirement for new toilets and all the issues that created. 

In 1999 we purchased a fancy Flushmate toilet which uses less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. It uses compressed air which creates a “turbo - charged flushing action“. (Manufactures words.) I must say it indeed does flush well although a little loud, I suppose.  ($300)

Moving on in time to 2015 and the plastic turbo generating pressure tank inside the porcelain tank developed a small leak at the seam. This leak was about the size of a pencil lead and did not cause an external leak fortunately as we caught the leak early. 

It turns out we saved some paperwork that mentioned there was a recall on this toilet. After checking out the details sure enough this toilet qualified even after 16 years of usage! The company sent out a replacement plastic air pressure tank for absolutely free. 

I had to remove the porcelain tank and remove the defective plastic pressure tank and install the replacement tank. Now all worked as good as new. This recall was part of a class action settlement which may yet also pay me $50 for the effort I went through to replace the tank. The $50 is still in the works so can’t say for sure that will happen. 

I am indeed grateful for the companies follow through and somewhat humbled as the original equipment did last 16 years.


New tank