Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barn Progress

The barn is coming along. Ron Besel gave me enough siding to complete the large section of the south side and I was able to get it all in place today. The south side is where we receive most of our wind so siding the south side makes the building almost water tight. I still need to trim the one edge and will eventually create a door or window to get to pens that will be on this side of the building.

The rest of the siding will be Hardie Plank which is 7 inch horizontal lap siding. Hardie Plank is a fiber cement board. James Lumber would sell a 12 foot Plank for $7.48 delivered or $7.29 if I pick it up (Special deal). Home Depot has it for $6.67 and then they give me a 10% discount for having been in the military so it came to $6.01 a plank. Still seems expensive, oh well.