Monday, May 24, 2010

Repair clothes washing machine

I repaired clothes washing machine today. Water was just dribbling into tub. Found plenty of water at the hose where it enters washing machine. With hose off and glasses on, extra light, and a magnifying lens I was able to see the water filter screen where the hose connects to the machine was plugged.

I was able to clean most of the contaminant out using a small screwdriver and an old tooth brush.

Now plenty of water flows into the washer tub in a beautiful proportional waterfall.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Installing New Vinyl Windows

I helped Jeremy and his father in law replace all the aluminum frame windows on the main floor of Jeremy and Jacie's house. Nate and family came over for the last couple of windows. All 8 windows done in 7 hours. (Whew did we work fast and hard. And I am tiered for sure.)

The dinning room and kitchen window had water vapor between the glass panels. The bedroom windows were single pane still. Should make quite a difference in the comfort of the house next winter. And to be able to see clearly out the fogged up windows will be extra special this spring and summer. The baby coming will have even a nicer, warmer, little nursery.

He had a real deal as Lowe’s had 20% off and the government will allow a 30% rebate at income tax time. (Low ‘E’ and argon filled windows.) Lifetime warranted.