Monday, July 30, 2012

Aliner RV electrical work

The night before taking the Aliner RV on our first trip to Spring Canyon Campground we noticed the AC outlets cycled to no power and then after about a minute power returned. I isolated the problem to a overheated 10 gauge power cord wire at the RV’s power panel. There was a wire nut on the wire attaching an extra 6 inch chunk of wire which was attached to the power panel clamp. The wire nut fell off after pulling on the wire while moving the wire for a visual inspection. The overheated section was over the last 2 inches. See pictures below. I was able to remove and clean and polish the power panel lug using a Dremel tool. I removed the 6 inch section of wire and fed the original power cord wire through the tight opening and attach the wire to the now bright and shinny lug. Now all works fine.

 Notice the nice bright shinny wire at top and the overheated dull, corroded wire below. All should work fine now. The bright wire and overheated wire are both ends of the 6 inch added on piece of wire.

Next problem -

After our trip I observed the refrigerator was cold after our 6 hour drive home. The refrigerator was running on 12 volt power while we were driving. However the RV battery was dead reading only 6.69 volts. The problem was isolated to the trailer to car plug. The lugs on the trailers plug were spread too wide. I could simply yank on the plug and the 12 volt accessory power from the cars battery to the RV’s battery would come and go. I compressed the lugs on the trailers plug and verified the connection was consistent. The trailers plug is molded to the wire so I sort of hate to cut the plug off and attach a new plug, at least until the failure returns. The refrigerator draws 7 amps which would be easy for the car’s 90 amp alternator to supply. (Notice the spread is reduced on all the pins and especially the two large pins in the bottom photo.)