Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leaking laundry drain

Jeremy and Jacie’s house experienced an interesting problem. Jeremy and Jacie were outside on one of our sunny evenings and noticed a wet 5 inch wide section of foundation outside their laundry room. After closer inspection and finding no water inside we cut a one foot hole in the drywall behind the washing machine just above floor level. All was dry there. So then we cut a one foot hole through the drywall on the basement ceiling where the drain comes down the wall. The basement apartment wall is held off the foundation at that point. Well, we did see water at that point but fortunately no rot. We still could not see any defect in the pipe but were rather sure it was leaking at the top of the foundation.

We cut the 2 inch drain pipe 3 inches above the first floor and at the ceiling height of the basement and removed the 18 inch section of pipe. Sure enough a 45 degree joint was cracked where the pipe penetrates the upstairs floor. Amazing place to have a break, for sure. Oh well, we were able to replace it all rather quickly and install a rubber boot for the last joint.

Now to watch for 2 weeks and ensure there are no leaks then patch the sheetrock.