Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Our mixer was starting to squeak and grind while mixing. We purchased this mixer in 1981 making it 32 years old. I found a nice little Youtube video on how to disassemble the unit. So I did take it apart and redistribute the grease as several gears looked rather dry. Now it sounds much better. There was plenty of grease still present.

Our normally great tasting water tastes bad, part 2

Our Northwest corner of the basement showed a little water on the floor again and the drinking water has a slight taste again. So I suspect the float switch failed and the reservoir overflowed. Since the reservoir is under ground this can lead to fowl tasting water as muddy water seeps back into the tank. Interestingly this water never becomes cloudy.
I removed the float switch for inspection and found the terminals had broken from the switch body. The terminals may have broke while removing the stiff 12 gauge wire for inspection. Unfortunately this type switch is no longer manufactured. Don had rebuilt an older switch but I was unable to make a reliable, repeatable adjustment.

I purchased a new tethered style normally closed switch for about $70 and reconfigured the switching system by inserting a 41 inch copper pipe inside the 3/4 inch galvanized pipe. The float switch cable runs inside the copper pipe. All worked out rather neatly and now performs reliably, at least I think so.

Now the water tastes just fine as it has for many years. Interestingly we had the well pump off for 9 days and only used half the reservoir water. And we were not even restricting our water use. The delay was mainly caused while I healed from a little surgery and while located and purchased a new style switch.