Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Window motor replacement in 2000 Caravan

It can be difficult to replace the window motor on 2000 Caravan. The passenger door window stopped working and after inspecting determined the power window motor had failed. I was able to locate a new replacement motor for $50 on EBay. All would have worked out better if the coil of cable in the window regulator assembly would have lined up with the new motor but the coil slipped then uncoiled the cables. Then the cable dropped off the pulley’s up in the door frame where I couldn’t quite get the wire restrung. So with some difficulty I removed the regulator and placed all the hardware on the workbench and was able to get the cables restrung correctly and then with some maneuvering I was able to get the regulator and motor located back inside the door and secured. All is now working. Too much effort however. Crappy design if repair is a consideration. Thanks Chrysler

.(Found the brushes were completely worn out on window motor.)

Defective Motor Assembly