Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sonicare Toothbrush Repair

My Sonicare toothbrush went totally dead after just over 4 years of service. Per the manual this battery cannot be replaced. (Brilliant plan by Sonicare!) I went on Youtube and there was a good video of battery replacement.

So I did purchase a battery and was able to replace it. ($15.44 including shipping.) (Now that I know what the battery is I probably can get it for under $7 including shipping.)The connections need to be unsoldered and re-soldered. I was able to replace the original NiCad with a NIMH battery which I would think is much better. The battery is an odd size so I did not even know what the voltage was! After receiving the replacement the voltage measured 1.25 volts indicating it is just a large one cell battery. (MH-4/5A2200) The battery stores 2200 mHh. The leads for the new battery did not fit into the circuit board so I added short lengths of wire. All seems to work fine after repair. Even though there is an o-ring to keep water out of the circuit I did add a little caulking at the joint to ensure no water enters the unit. Maybe I will get more than 4 years out of the repaired unit. I at least can hope.


***  August 2014 the second units battery failed. I was able to purchase replacement battery this time for $10 on Ebay. All worked fine after replacement. Was really quick and easy this time. This battery had stores 2200 mHh and came with convenient wire lead easy to solder.