Thursday, September 6, 2012

Century Link DSL upgrade -

I spoke with customer support and mentioned my DSL is slow running at 0.72 Mbps for download and 0.27 Mbps for upload. I measured using ““. Customer support said they could increase my speed to 3 Mbps  for free or for $5 a month additional give me 10 Mbps. 3 Mbps is good enough for Hula tv speed so I figured that was fine.

Just measured the speed at 2.98 Mbps! That is a speed increase of 4 times. So now for $50 a month we have a land line phone and the 2.98 Mbps DSL. Oh, the world average speed is about 12 Mbps according to the ““ sites table, meaning we are still in the dark ages.

Another interesting option would be to get just DSL at 10 Mbps for $29.95 a month and purchase a DSL type phone box from COSTCO for $130 and then I would only need to pay like $4 per month for taxes and could call all USA for free any time. But if we loose DSL we would have no phone. I suspect the voice quality would be ok as Nate has one and it sounded fine.

Interesting enough I was unable to view Mark’s Takhlakh Lake pictures as a Goggle+ slide show until we received the “higher” speed DSL. Then all worked just fine.