Friday, January 14, 2011

Microwave Oven Tale -

We purchased our GE Microwave Spacemaker XL Oven in May of 2002. The microwave oven is color coordinated with our stove and includes a vent for the stove which is then vented to the outside. It has been a good microwave with only the stepper motor to the rotating plate failing once in the past and a few light bulb replacements over the years.

Well the other day I tried to heat something and the microwave died as soon as I hit the start button. Even the lights on the stove went out. Then 3 minutes later the power magically returned. Yet the same sequence occurred after touching the start button the next time.

So I ended up calling GE support at 1-888-239-6832 and spoke with Ronny who concurred with my suspicion; the magnetron failed. I had read on the web this magnetron was having some failures. So even on this 8.5 year old microwave GE said they will ship me a new magnetron free! The magnetron arrived 3 days later. Part number OM75P (10) or WB27X10370. I read the magnetron outputs a frequency of 2450 Mhz. Amazing huh.

It took about an hour to get the oven off the wall and on to the workbench and another hour to replace the magnetron and one additional hour to remount on the wall.

Thanks GE for your great, no hassle, support!

The only issue was there was absolutely no paper work on how to install the new magnetron. I suspect that is because of lawyers and courts holding companies unreasonably liable for everything. Hurts us all in the long run. Big help.

The other issue was the magnetron needed 1/8th inch more clearance and it would have slid in easy. As it was, I bent the frame momentarily, enabling installation clearance. Why pack things in so tight. They had extra room.

All looks good now and all is normal once again.