Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Washing Machine did not spin all the water out.

On one load 2 inches of water remained in tub after all the spin cycles. This is a Kirkland Signature Washing Machine made by Whirlpool. With a little internet research it seemed the clutch assembly is the likely culprit for this problem. Nice you tube video’s of the repair were available. I ordered a new clutch assembly of Ebay and received in in 3 days at a cost of $14 including shipping. I also ordered a motor to transmission coupler for $5 with shipping which also arrived in 3 days. The coupler appears to be in great shape so I did not replace. With the new clutch in the washer spun the clothes dry perfectly at least for this first load. We purchased this washer in 2004 and with the new clutch appears to be working like new. The Maytag “green“ Clothes Dryer was purchased in 1975 and also runs as if new; although the timer dial is out of align some due to an earlier repair. Linda has used it out of align easily for many years.

The old clutch, not totally worn out but failing sometimes, slowing the spin cycle. I found it not too hard to spin by hand. The new clutch was much stiffer. The pads appeared to be about half worn down.

The gear box is still looking new, almost. (13  years old.)

The motor and drum shaft still lock in great shape.

Some removed parts on top of our old perfect running green 1975 Maytag dryer.

New clutch installed.

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  1. Good Job! When are you visiting G. Canyon?
    Robert H