Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TV repair

My nephew’s TV, a Plasma Visio VP322 32" HDTV10A was completely dead, no sign of life when he pushed power button. At first the symptom was it would turn off (after pushing the power button "on") every second or so then on for a few seconds before remaining on. As it got worse, it would take longer "clicking" on and off.

We found several links on the web saying the capacitors on the power board would fail causing these symptoms. The capacitors would actually physical swell. So we dismantled the tv taking the back off which revealed the several interior boards. We saw the power cable entering the center board and found 4 swollen capacitors noting the top of the capacitors were domed rather than flat.

Above are defective capacitors.

We documented them as
C233 10v 3300 microfarad
C234 10v 3300 microfarad
C236 10v 1000 microfarad
C204 25v 1000 microfarad

We ordered up replacements from DigiKey and they arrived first class mail in 3 days for under $8. We then removed the defective ones and installed the new and secured the back cover with at least 30 screws. Plugged the tv in and all works as designed. I was totally amazed. No schematic, no electrical troubleshooting just looked for physical evidence of failure.

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