Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The spider and the housefly

Oh the retired life! It happened this way, rather normal really. I was busy doing some housework, yes believe me. I saw a housefly buzzing around but instead of stopping what I was doing, I finished the project and then found my electronic bug zapper and looked for the culprit. It couldn’t have been over ½ hour later. I heard some muffled buzzing and find this fellow trapped in a spiders web.

I have been watching this spider web over a couple of days thinking maybe I should wipe it away but since it is my computer room there was really no rush, no rush at all. So with the close up macro function on our camera I clicked the above picture. Two hours later this poor housefly was pulled almost out of site down through the water weep hole in the window frame. I suppose now the spider will double in size. Maybe he/she will be too fat to come back out of the weep hole? I cropped the picture but noticed the spiders legs were sure long so I clipped two legs off in the cropping. Kind of interesting looking creatures don’t you think?

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